Mattias Karlsson


Mattias has been working as a lawyer with intellectual property and marketing law for more than 20 years.
His work has included all aspects of intellectual property and marketing law, including trademark and application strategies to a wide variety of agreements – such as franchise, assignment and settlement agreements – and enforcement of intellectual property rights before courts and other authorities. Besides trademark law and marketing law, Mattias also devotes his time to designs, copyrights and related issues.

In his work, Mattias focuses on the specific needs of each individual client, customising our services to their needs. He shows great accessibility towards each client and has a high degree of professional skill in delivering our services.

Mattias has the ability to understand each client’s place in their specific market and how to develop their business to the fullest extent, taking each client’s needs and goals into consideration.

Mattias is highly qualified and experienced and thus able to assist all types of companies, from the smallest start-up to the multinational large companies.

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