Proud members of SEPAF

We are proud members of The Association of Intellectual Property Law Firms in Sweden, (SEPAF), is a non-profit organisation whose objective is to further the business activities of Swedish intellectual property law firms. Promoting and upholding ethics and a high degree of professional skill in the administration of industrial and intellectual property rights are but a few of the important tasks that SEPAF dedicates itself to. SEPAF´s members are Swedish intellectual property law firms that are active in the field of intellectual property rights.

The representatives who work at the member agencies continually work to enhance their expertise in order to provide adequate and appropriate intellectual property rights advisory services. It is with great pride that we can state that the advisory services provided by SEPAF representatives to clients has resulted in a level of litigation that is significantly lower than litigation levels in other European countries.

SEPAF’s General Conditions AU20 are applicable to all work carried out by us. Copies of AU20 in English and Swedish are available at